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Blaser Custom Rifles

Blaser Custom Rifles

“The only Trophy Level Dealer for

Northern New York, Vermont and Northern New Hampshire means superior

pricing and product availability for Sigarms/Blaser.”


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Services offered at BJ’s Hunting and Shooting Supply

    • Buy, Sell, Trade, and Appraise modern andantique firearms
    • Scope Mounting and Bore Sighting ofnew and used scopes
    • Firearm Cleaning Receive items via inter-state andInternet transactions
    • We sell State of Vermont huntingand fishing licenses.
    • We offer a wide selection of ammunitionand reloading components.
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General Questions, Quotes, Item Pricing, and  Availability. info@bjshootingsports.com

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From Burlington, VT.





From: Burlington, Vt To: BJ’s Guns
Driving Distance: 5.0 miles Time: 8 minutes

Time Distance Instruction
9:00 AM 0.0  1   Depart Burlington, Vt on US-7 [S Winooski Ave] (North) for 174 yds
9:00 AM 0.1 Turn RIGHT (East) onto US-2 [Main St] for 4.3 mi
9:06 AM 4.3 Bear LEFT (North-East) onto Industrial Ave for 0.6 mi
9:08 AM 4.9 Turn LEFT (North) onto Local road(s) for 76 yds
9:08 AM 5.0  2   Arrive BJ’s Guns
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