BJs Hunting and Shooting Supply is now fully online sales through this website, and Facebook

Please find us on to see some of our inventory!  We have multiples sales and an A+ rating with GunBoker.

Vendors we do Business with:   Browning /   Winchester / Lipseys Davidsons  
Palmetto State Armory  / Interstate Arms  /  BlaserMauser  Sauer  and  Brownells.  

We primarily deal with high end products and when I have the inventory to list,  they are either on my webpage or on GunBroker. 
However,  in many cases, my inventory sells before I have a chance to list it.

Find us on Facebook too!

Family owned and operated gun shop since 1980. We are internet sales focused, but continue to offer expected customer service.
 My primary business is through local gun shows,as pictured on my website.  Because we have been in business for 30 years, our reputation speaks for itself and this alone brings business to my door for both buying and selling.
Call (802) 343-7022 and leave a message,

Sales associates:

Chris Davis
Jerimy Hosack
John Huard  
John Abry 
Ron Roberge
Trevor Merchant

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We are a class 3 dealer and we do firearm transfers for a nominal fee.